A Startup That Builds Global Micro Startups..

From Conceptualisation to Exit…

And, Everything in Between….100% In-house.

The Birth of a Game Changer.

A Startup That Builds Global Startups..

From Conceptualisation to Exit…

And, Everything in Between….100% In-house.

Our Business Model


Ideation is done by the core team, consisting of both marketing & technical professionals with at least a decade of experience behind them.

We don’t restrict ourselves to a specific industry – our experience helps us to take a deep dive across different industries.

However, we make sure that the selected ideas have the following 2 elements:

  • They solve problems in a particular geographical market.
  • They have the ability to solve similar problems in other geographical markets after modification & localization.

We also welcome external ideas by aspiring entrepreneurs. However, these external ideas go through the same process as our own. We are not a traditional incubator

2. In-house Funding & MVP Development

Once an idea is validated, we do in-house seed funding to get MVP developed in-house and get the product validated.


Once the product is successfully validated, we launch it as a CyberMust’s product in the geographical market where it was initially ideated. Our core marketing team, under the guidance of seasoned advisors, creates marketing strategies and get traction.


Once the product gets a pre-defined traction level, we start preparation for launching it as a separate Startup. A team is carefully built to run the new startup, by hiring at-least two co-founders – one Business development & one technical. A proper legal agreement between CyberMust & the hired co-founders is signed and the startup is incorporated.


Immediately after startup team building and incorporation, we approach VCs for funding, get funded and let the team scale the startup rapidly under the guidance of senior advisers.


After success in the primary market, we launch it in other international markets. This may need adaption and localization, for which form strategic partnerships in the new international markets.

Our Startups

Let’s join hands.. Let’s re-engineer Startup Building…

Building Global Startups is a Team Work. A Global Team Work. We invite you to be part of this new Global Team. Please submit this online form:

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